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Structural engineers provide calculations to indicate how a structure will perform under gravity (people, snow, building weight) and lateral (earthquake, wind) loads, as well as plans and details that show how to build the structure as intended. We provide structural engineering services, including calculations and structural plans and details for use in your building project. We can provide architectural plans for small projects, but prefer to work with an architect or home designer for larger projects. 


New construction ranges from CMU and concrete to steel or wood. We have experience with foundations for fabricated metal buildings. For existing buildings, we provide due diligence observation for existing buildings, and engineering for remodels and additions.



We provide engineering for new construction as well as remodels, additions, and decks. Seismicity is an issue in the mountain west and we're here to help you understand seismic safety and cost effectively implement improvements. We also visit homes in the process of a real estate transation for advice on disputed items of a structural nature. We have experience with permanent foundations for manufactured homes. 



We've worked for over 10 years with various log home companies (such as Pioneer Log Homes) and with log builders to provide engineered plans for new log homes. Please call us for additions and remodels for log homes. They are a unique challenge that should be engineered by someone who knows log home construction and engineering.

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